Geological Impact

Making sure that the environment is taken care of in our journey.

Protecting Our Environment

Forests are a valuable natural resource. They provide us with oxygen, reduce carbon emissions, improve water quality and help regulate the climate. They also provide economic benefits in the form of timber and fuelwood products, as well as recreational opportunities.

Nature is important for many reasons: it provides habitats for plants and animals and regulates the climate. Mother nature has always played an important role in our environment and will continue to do so as we move into the future.

Quest Accommodation holds our natural forests in high value and will do our best to help mitigate clear-cutting and instead focus on using nature to the best of its ability.


The Food Forest

Since there is such a major upset in the food industry as well as just preserving nature on site, we are implementing a food forest to bring more plant life, animal life and fun experience to patrons.

We are setting up the site to allow for natural home-grown food to be planted and grown in an organic, healthy and sustainable way. 

The Garden

Gardens are a place of beauty and calm, where people can escape to find peace in the midst of their busy lives, however, they are also an important part of the natural world. They provide a home for wildlife and plants, they help purify the air, and they can even help mitigate climate change.

Since we want to preserve the ecosystem of our land, as well as give an amazing place for people to enjoy, we are choosing flowers and garden pieces that complement the wildlife and natural parts of Alberta.

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