Indigenous Experience

Home to so many beautiful cultures & languages, Alberta has forty eight First Nations and eight Métis settlements. Alberta is coming together to bring the Indigenous cultures on the map in the forms of partnership and relationship building.

Indigenous tourism provides a different and fun introduction to Indigenous cultures and brings excitement into learning.

"One in two Albertans are interested in Indigenous Tourism, and one in three international visitors want Indigenous experiences when they travel. Investing in these quality visitor experiences and promoting them to the world will help differentiate Alberta’s peoples and cultures while recapturing critical international markets. Before the pandemic, Indigenous tourism was one of Canada’s and Alberta’s fastest-growing tourism niche sectors, contributing roughly $1.7 billion in direct economic impact."
  • Don't just glamp, Quest

    Each experience is a new one, with different activities and options to try. Your own indigenous Quest is waiting for you!

  • Experience authentic indigenous lifestyle

    Quest Accommodation offers an intimate and immersive experience, with a chance to make traditional crafts, partake in archery, and learn about traditional ways of life from an indigenous guide.

  • Explore the Wilderness

    Relax in our beautifully designed glampsites or explore the pure wilderness of Alberta's plains by sleeping under the stars.

Indigenous Glamping

Having an authentic experience for people to come and enjoy what the rich indigenous culture has to offer is a priority for us.

An overnight-type setting is an excellent start to building connections and showcasing how amazing indigenous people are to tourists and Canadians alike.

The set-up will include teepees with traditional decor and educational materials. Quest Accommodation is dedicated to finding the best sources for these materials and supporting indigenous companies in this effort.

Indigenous Experience

Indigenous crafts are an art form that has passed from one generation to another, with each craft having its own story and purpose behind it.

These crafts are generally made from natural materials like wood, clay, stone, and bone. Examples include activities like beading, dreamcatcher making, and drum making.

After being part of an experience and part of the culture, patrons can then use the crafts as souvenirs or gifts for friends and family back home.

Indigenous Guides​

Although the founder of Quest Accommodation is of Indigenous origin, she is not an elder or capable of passing on the values or information of the many indigenous cultures.

In light of this, we have elected to work alongside Elders and indigenous families who have studied and lived their lives in the ways of old who are knowledge keepers and can offer guidance.

Experts and gatekeepers will be the guides to let patrons experience the culture in the best possible way.

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Recent Updates

Fun and exciting things that are going on in this part of the project!

Pow Wow Pitch

This pitch is for any indigenous person working on any business, in any sector, anywhere.

The original competition can be found here.  

This is a submission from the Executive director in hopes that we can gain exposure, find other indigenous entrepreneurs and companies to work with, and possibly even win some money towards getting the project going! 


Pow Wow Pitch Kimberly Kayman

2022 Semi-Finalist Update!

We have some very exciting news!

Quest Accommodation has been contacted to take part in the semi-finalist competition for the Pow Wow Pitch grand prize.

As nice as the prize would be, just being considered is a great honour and major opportunity to meet with other indigenous entrepreneurs.

We look forward to finding beneficial and value-filled partners to bring the best experience to our future guests!

Planning and Timeline

For updates on the overall process, planning and timeline of the glampsite, please check out our Process page


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