We Believe...

  • That camping should be easier.

  • That you should be able to have a great time without driving all the way to the mountains.

  • That forever memories are important.

  • That everyone can enjoy nature.

Our mission is to help families to make forever memories outdoors.​

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Looking to Partner

Quest Accommodation is looking to bring the best in outdoor adventures to life. We are looking to partner with multiple industry experts.

Sectors we are looking to fill, we have tentative companies for these areas but are looking to find the perfect fit.

Real Estate Expert
General Contractor
Knowledge Keeper
Future Entertainers
Food Expert

On Board

Great companies, contractors, and organizations who are working with us to bring this vision to life

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Meet The CEO

Chief Executive Officer

I first came up with this glampsite while travelling through SE Asia in 2018. After seeing so many beautiful places, I wanted to build something that incorporated small touches of the world in Canada. Since Edmonton was my hometown, it only made sense to stop my galavanting and stop there. Luckily I met my perfect match, who came with two kids!

My travelling spirit did not stop, so we looked into travelling together. As it turns out, four flights booked in advance were more expensive than just one on discount going anywhere (go figure) & the time spent travelling was too long for the kids. When Covid took over we tried local camping & discovered the pains of trying to fit everything and everyone in the cramped car – only to forget the sunscreen… and who wants to eat hot dogs for three days straight?!

Enter Quest Accommodation.

It shouldn’t take hours of packing and travelling to get to a nice place. Jasper and Banff are great but so far away. My family needed something closer that had food options and everything set up for us, so we could get in the car and go.

My vision for Quest Accommodation includes a few unique areas to allow for different camper types, with convenience located in the centre. The main area has a store in case you forget something (and not at astronomical prices!) as well as a food trailer during peak seasons. Activities and special events such as weddings and anniversaries are occasionally hosted in the garden along with community events by organizers such as LGBTQ, Edmonton moms, Business associates, Wildlife learning, Edmonton LARP, etc.

Each stay area branches off from the main hub; a small camping area for those who want to bring their things, RV area, indigenous area, glamping area, and a hobbit hole area. These are built as small internal communities with a shower and bathroom in the middle.

To help realize this project, I have a background in business and sales management as well as graphic design. Students from the NAIT landscaping and architecture program are planned to work with builders on the site design. Contractors specializing in their field will be utilized to bring the site to life; upon completion students, veterans, minorities, and disabled persons will have the option to find employment on-site.

The launch is planned for the summer of 2024.

Kimberly Kayman

We are currently in the funding process, and the option to partner with us is on the table.

Meet Our Team

Chief Executive

Experienced with business and sales over the last 7+ years, Kimberly has the know-how and fortitude to ensure the success of Quest Accommodation.

Andrea Hill


Andrea's background in sales management, marketing strategy, and graphic design helps her leverage the digital marketing landscape to engage key audiences and achieve business goals.