This is an update page on the progress of our Alberta glamping project.

Along with a quick explainer video we have the most recent updates and a blog progress report below.

Glamping sites are a new way to enjoy the outdoors, they offer all the benefits of camping but with a more luxurious experience. It is an activity that combines the glamour of an outdoor holiday with the creature comforts of home.

Quest Accommodation is one such site. We leverage technology and nature to ensure a seamless rental experience – offering people the ability to get away from the big city and enjoy nature in a new way.

Fund Raising
Media Development
Land procurement
Land development
Equipment Purchased
Area Setup


As you may or may not know, planning a glampsite is similar to planning a small town. It’s taken hundreds of hours of phone calls, research, emails, mind mapping and so on. Not to mention reaching out to people with expert information and know-how. The entire journey so far has been quite the process.

The business plan is complete, except for a few key partners who are still waiting to reveal themselves to us.

Initial Setup

The original easy to read map of the site

Updated Map

The new professional map

Fund Raising


The majority of initial funding will heavily rely on grants, subsidies and contests. There are currently 32 options available worth a total of $50,179,276. Some of the opportunities will not become available until after we have purchased land and started our initial building process.

Shareowner Contribution

A major project like this couldn’t be taken seriously if there wasn’t some personal loss risk involved by the owners. Ownership is currently private and before any grants have been approved or contests won, this is the main source of start-up money.

Media Development

We have already started working on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and this very website. All of which are slowly gaining traction. Our plans are to partner with radio stations and host contests with other engaging activities.

Taking part in pitch contests and community events are also part of how we will continue to build out brand.

Land Procurement​

Although we have started looking into land, the technicalities of the zoning laws and speed of real estate has kept things interesting. We need to secure enough financing to ensure that the land we have available to start working with is attainable.


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Land development

Plans have been set in place, the moment we have the land and zones in place, we will be able to start developing.

Area Setup​

Each area is Unique to how it will be implemented. We will start with the Camping, Glamping, RV, and Indigenous areas and expand from there.


One of the most important parts of this entire project is the staffing (right up there with safety and sustainability).

Since we are giving a unique experience in all aspects of the site, we need unique and amazing people on our team who will build core values with us and pass them on to visitors.

Latest Updates

Check out the process updates

Taking this giant project with one step at a time. Here are the recent site updates. We are aiming to release a new update every month with some of the key things that are being implemented so you are one step closer to being able to book your glamping stay at Quest Accommodation.


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