In The Media!

Following the Pow Wow Pitch

After taking part and making it to the semi-finals of the Pow Wow Pitch Competition, the media has been heating up and coming through!

Our press release was sent out and different outlets across the prairies have picked it up including, Prince Albert Daily Herald, Pow Wow Headquarters, Business news, and a full radio interview on the Canada-info website!

Any new articles that come in will be added to our media page, we are also working on a full press release kit to place there for future reporters!

Indigenous Partnership

As we thought it would be, the Pow Wow Pitch has been an amazing medium to find indigenous partners!

The Pow Wow Pitch organizers have set up a tourism-artist grant that allows us to work with one of the semi-final contestants for an amount of $2,500.

We are so excited to be partnering with Alicia Kayley, an Indigenous Classical and Pop/R&B Vocalist. She will also be singing at the Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards on November 2nd!

The Pow Wow Pitch semi-final broadcasts have started in each genre of entrepreneurs, make sure to register to watch the tourism semi-finals on September 16 and vote for your favourite company to win!


Although we have been officially incorporated since July, we have now had the official meetups and pictures with our favourite lawyer, Kirk Goodman, KGPC Law!

We are ensuring all our ducks are in rows, i’s dotted and t’s crossed!

This concludes the August 2022 update post, outlining the start of Quest Accommodation.

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