The next step:

This month has been very exciting!

We have made the official first steps in getting incorporated, the lawyer we have chosen to work with has started the process with name reservation, different shares and all that good legal official stuff we need.

By this time next month, the entire process should be complete and we will be a full-fledged company.

First Pitch!

The very first official Quest Accommodation pitch has been submitted to the Pow Wow Pitch Competition.

This is a competition for Indigenous entrepreneurs across Turtle Island (North America) of any age or gender with an idea or business at any stage and in any industry.

Kickstarting this project with an indigenous focus feels right. The pitch competition can be found here. And our 1-minute pitch is shown below:

Even if we don’t make it into the next round of this competition, we are hoping to meet other indigenous entrepreneurs who might be interested in working alongside us, getting the word out about this start-up, and finding a community of like-minded people who are making a difference in the community.

This concludes the June 2022 update post, outlining the start of Quest Accommodation.

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