The Pow Wow Pitch Competition

The Pow Wow Pitch Contest:

In last month’s update, we had applied for the Pow Wow Pitch Competition and were waiting to hear back one way or another; but exciting news has arrived and we have been contacted to take part in the semi-finalist pitch competition!

Pow Wow Pitch Kimberly Kayman

This is a fantastic opportunity to find other indigenous companies to work with in the future and spread the word about this project! We cant wait to see what happens!

A press release is being worked on so we will be able to share this info with local news outlets as part of our marketing strategy.

The Pow Wow Pitch semi-final broadcast will be running live on a day between September 6 – 16, the exact date is to be determined! We will of course keep you updated, and there will be a people’s choice award, so please get in there and vote!


With the help of our amazing lawyer at KGPC Law, Quest Accommodation Inc is officially running as a legitimate, government-identified business!

With our new official listing, we have now opened the door to all kinds of fun things to tackle in the upcoming months.

Media Management

Any company worth its salt these days needs to have a strong online presence, a company that isn’t in full swing yet is no exception.

With this in mind, Quest has elected to work alongside a media specialist to help kickstart our launch into the social media world.

Head on over to any of our social media stages to see what fun and exciting posts will be added!

This concludes the July 2022 update post, outlining the start of Quest Accommodation.

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