Indigenous Tourism Alberta

The Pow Wow Pitch is done, but the indigenous push has just begun! Indigenous Tourism Alberta held an event specifically for entrepreneurs who are looking to make waves in the indigenous tourism sector in Alberta.

The keynote speaker was Tracey Klettle, CEO and founder of Painted Warriors, an inspiring indigenous entrepreneur who specializes in keeping cultural traditions alive and bringing people back to their roots through archery, guiding, horseback riding, snowshoeing, storytelling and medicine walks

We will very likely be hiring her company to train future Quest Accommodation employees and we will definitely be hiring her for the archery range setup for Quest when the time comes!

In the meantime, we will continue to build relationships on our path to progress!

This concludes the November 2022 update post, outlining the start of Quest Accommodation.

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In The Media!

Following the Pow Wow Pitch

After taking part and making it to the semi-finals of the Pow Wow Pitch Competition, the media has been heating up and coming through!

Our press release was sent out and different outlets across the prairies have picked it up including, Prince Albert Daily Herald, Pow Wow Headquarters, Business news, and a full radio interview on the Canada-info website!

Any new articles that come in will be added to our media page, we are also working on a full press release kit to place there for future reporters!

Indigenous Partnership

As we thought it would be, the Pow Wow Pitch has been an amazing medium to find indigenous partners!

The Pow Wow Pitch organizers have set up a tourism-artist grant that allows us to work with one of the semi-final contestants for an amount of $2,500.

We are so excited to be partnering with Alicia Kayley, an Indigenous Classical and Pop/R&B Vocalist. She will also be singing at the Indigenous Entrepreneur Awards on November 2nd!

The Pow Wow Pitch semi-final broadcasts have started in each genre of entrepreneurs, make sure to register to watch the tourism semi-finals on September 16 and vote for your favourite company to win!


Although we have been officially incorporated since July, we have now had the official meetups and pictures with our favourite lawyer, Kirk Goodman, KGPC Law!

We are ensuring all our ducks are in rows, i’s dotted and t’s crossed!

This concludes the August 2022 update post, outlining the start of Quest Accommodation.

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The Pow Wow Pitch Competition

The Pow Wow Pitch Contest:

In last month’s update, we had applied for the Pow Wow Pitch Competition and were waiting to hear back one way or another; but exciting news has arrived and we have been contacted to take part in the semi-finalist pitch competition!

Pow Wow Pitch Kimberly Kayman

This is a fantastic opportunity to find other indigenous companies to work with in the future and spread the word about this project! We cant wait to see what happens!

A press release is being worked on so we will be able to share this info with local news outlets as part of our marketing strategy.

The Pow Wow Pitch semi-final broadcast will be running live on a day between September 6 – 16, the exact date is to be determined! We will of course keep you updated, and there will be a people’s choice award, so please get in there and vote!


With the help of our amazing lawyer at KGPC Law, Quest Accommodation Inc is officially running as a legitimate, government-identified business!

With our new official listing, we have now opened the door to all kinds of fun things to tackle in the upcoming months.

Media Management

Any company worth its salt these days needs to have a strong online presence, a company that isn’t in full swing yet is no exception.

With this in mind, Quest has elected to work alongside a media specialist to help kickstart our launch into the social media world.

Head on over to any of our social media stages to see what fun and exciting posts will be added!

This concludes the July 2022 update post, outlining the start of Quest Accommodation.

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The next step:

This month has been very exciting!

We have made the official first steps in getting incorporated, the lawyer we have chosen to work with has started the process with name reservation, different shares and all that good legal official stuff we need.

By this time next month, the entire process should be complete and we will be a full-fledged company.

First Pitch!

The very first official Quest Accommodation pitch has been submitted to the Pow Wow Pitch Competition.

This is a competition for Indigenous entrepreneurs across Turtle Island (North America) of any age or gender with an idea or business at any stage and in any industry.

Kickstarting this project with an indigenous focus feels right. The pitch competition can be found here. And our 1-minute pitch is shown below:

Even if we don’t make it into the next round of this competition, we are hoping to meet other indigenous entrepreneurs who might be interested in working alongside us, getting the word out about this start-up, and finding a community of like-minded people who are making a difference in the community.

This concludes the June 2022 update post, outlining the start of Quest Accommodation.



The New Map

Back again for our next month’s review!

Things are still happening fast but don’t seem to be as lightning-quick as last month (thank goodness!)

An exciting order of business is that the initial map has been updated and delivered! We still need to add a table of contents to it, but overall much more professional and clean looking.

Second-ever site plan, May 2022

The updated map should be showing up in the post next month (one map per month?)

On top of that, a new explainer video of what the site is and what it’s about has been completed (before the new map was made) this can be found here:

Hopefully, this explainer video is able to make the vision even more crystal clear.


It’s clear that this project is not made for one person alone. Not even just one company actually. We are still on the hunt to find noteworthy partners who are able to help us bring this dream into a reality.

We have found an excellent legal team and are currently looking into potential quotes from construction and fabricating companies so we can decide on the best to partner with.

If you would like to partner with us or know someone who would be interested in this opportunity, please reach out to us through our contact page.

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

In an effort to get our name out and make connections we have appeared in Edmonton Chamber of Commerce events, the plan for the upcoming months is to attend Edson chamber of commerce and Wildwood chamber events to find contractors to partner with closer to our target location.

This concludes the May 2022 update post, outlining the start of Quest Accommodation.


The Start-up

Things have been going in a whirlwind! It started off slowly as a dream in the back of my mind, and over time the wind started picking up until suddenly everything is happening very quickly!

The business plan is nearly finalized, the site is coming along and both will soon be shown to investors and future glampers!

It seems important to memorialize the first-ever map plan, made over breakfast with a few solid people who share the dream.

First-ever site plan, February 2022

The original plan for this Unique stay area started when I was solo travelling across SE Asia, it specifically started coming together in Vietnam. I visioned a place where inclusivity and relaxation meet, everyone has a place to be and can be their authentic selves.

It was important to me to bring aspects from around the world to my home country of Canada. Maybe even a place where there is a little bit of the world. Maybe even set up like a world!

I continued travelling through to Indonesia, and found that what I was describing actually already exists! The host I was staying with took me to a place he called “Little Indonesia” which has a lot of Indonesian cultures as well as places from around the world, as well as a lake with little islands in the shape of the world map. It was super cool and added a solidification that this is something I would like to bring to Canada.

Little Indonesia 2017

Keep in mind I was a young traveller then.

Since that time, the idea has evolved and new reasons to bring it to life have emerged. It’s no longer the idea I once had and is now something that Alberta deserves to have.

The Quest Accommodation today focuses on Alberta and Canadian culture with an indigenous full experience as well as new and modern ways to enjoy nature.

– Not Your Typical Glampsite –

There are already so many great places to stay and enjoy nature in Alberta and in Canada. It’s time for something different.

Unique Stays ↗

Imagine staying in a hobbit hole one night, then a treehouse the next, and for the final night you come into an Arabian-style tent that’s fully furnished.

Indigenous ↗

Not only is the team made up of indigenous peoples, but the plan is also to partner with locals for an experience that is akin to travelling back in time.

Take Part ↗

Luckily this is not a one-woman job. You can help bring this project into reality! From donations to pre-sales to investments and partnerships.

The next steps are to continue to build a network of partners and interested parties, then get the land procured in order to start getting set up.

This concludes the very first post on the start of Quest Accommodation. Something to look back at in 20 years and be like “wow, what a crazy map”.